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We are busy creating a stylish country feel accommodation for your enjoyment, please stay tuned for when our accommodation becomes available later this year after renovations is completed.

Coming soon.



Our pub accommodation located in the countryside of the Southern Tablelands, offers a cozy and rustic atmosphere for visitors seeking a peaceful retreat. This charming establishment combines the comfort of a traditional pub with the convenience of on-site lodging.

The pub itself provides a cozy setting to unwind, with a welcoming atmosphere and a selection of beverages, including a variety of beers, ales, ciders, wines, and spirits. It's an ideal spot to relax after a day of exploring the countryside or to simply enjoy the company of friends or fellow travellers.

Country Music Artist
Image by Marina Reich


Dalton, New South Wales, Australia, is a small town located in the Southern Tablelands region. The Royal Hotel Dalton is rich in history, dating back to the 1860’s. 

There are several things to see and do in and around Dalton, come explore and see what you can uncover:

Heritage buildings
Fossil Rock 
Bushwalking and Nature
Birdwatching: The Dalton area is known for its birdlife
Regular shows at The Dalton Hall
Boutique shopping
Scenic Drives

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